Are you waiting???


It’s that time of year again it’s freezing out side. Nothing to do except read a good book next to the fire on a Friday night while my teenagers talk all night about the up coming pageant that they will be getting ready for on Saturday.  Ahh who am I kidding? Come February 27, I will be setting my good book a side and be waiting for House of Cards to be on my Netflix to watch. It’s time to see what Frances has in store for us this year now that he is Mr. President. Who is going down? Will he stay the head man of the white house? We shall see!

What are your thoughts?

I’m not going to do it!!!


I have a friend who called me yesterday and was freaking out she called me saying “why didn’t you tell me that _________ happened on the Good Wife?” I said I told you I was not going to spoil it for you. Well she is completely devastated. She begged and prodded wanting to know what was going to happen next. See she is about half way through the series on Netflix. While we eagerly await the return of Orange is the New Black. She has tried to find other shows to watch. I have tried to get her to watch House of Cards. I absolutely love it, but back to no spoilers. I refuse to spoil shows for others.

I on the other have to know then watch or read. During football season I watch my shows read my books and then later my hubby watches and I know with great delight what’s going to happen and I get to watch him squirm.

I have to know all the spoilers that are leaked but, I never tell. I guess I’m classified as a nerd because I read so much and know what’s going to happen before everyone else. I’m on pins and needles on how HBO is going to play out Game of Thrones. I have read all the books even got my hubby hooked on the show. If you have any spoilers fill me in.

Hypnotic ….

I love the way the rain falls on my roof and window sill the sounds are amazingly hypnotic. It pitters and pats. It dances a rhythm of beauty. Those sounds beg you to fall into a sleep, not just any sleep the best sleep you could have in days. As you sink into slumber you only remember the beautiful sounds of the rain.


Almost Friday…

It’s almost Friday. I can’t wait on Friday nights I can stay up late and sleep in on Saturday. This weekend I want to have a lazy weekend or a snow filled one. Where I can snuggle next to the fire place and read a really good book. I also, would like to have my oh so sweet sexy husband home to but, alas Georgia Power has been keeping him on his toes.

The kids would love to have snow and coco by the fire with lots of mini marshmallows. Last winter they had a wonderful time playing in the snow, sledding down the hill. But, they loved missing school and have movie marathons. It’s those memories I hope they hold onto for the rest of time.

Ahh like I said can’t wait til Friday to make more memories hanging with the family on the weekend.

Ahhh it’s Monday!!!

So, here it is Monday


In the middle of January and it’s dreary outside


And the afternoon is dragging by so slow. I’m counting the minutes to punch the clock to get out of here. Usually I don’t mind Monday’s or dreary days but, at this moment in time I would rather be in my soft pajama pants sitting next to the fire working on my reading goal for the year or watching something juicy on Netflix. If only….

Hopped, skipped, jumped

It’s been a while since I last wrote. The year hopped, skipped, jumped away from me. But, onto a new year and new plans. I’m hoping to find another job. Not that I don’t like mine, a better paying, full time job would be even better. Hoping to take the family on vacation this year because last year we had to work on the house where it flooded. Being positive is what I’m aiming for this year too.

I’ve restarted my reading challenge going to try and read 25 books this year. I only read half that last year which is unusual for me. I’m and epic book worm but, Netflix is to blame. Watching to many shows in stead of reading shame on me. How has everyone’s new year started?