Vacation is upon us. I can’t wait but, I need some help. What are some good books to read on my vacation? I have to find some by Friday. Thanks everyone!


Time flies..

Wow, it’s been a little bit since I have posted. I have changed jobs and have been working mandatory overtime. I am beat! I have worked 72 hours this week. On, Monday it will start all over. I won’t know how many hours I will be working next. But, I’m glad I have a job. Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

New Beginnings 

Here’s hoping that this new year will bring new beginnings. So, far I have started a new reading challenge with my new book that I got for Christmas. It’s pretty good. And I hope to complete the challenge this year.


 Also, we have tried a very delicious new to our family recipe that was super easy to make. I hope to try other easy to make recipes and harder ones to this year to broaden our dinners this year.
I also, hope that new beginnings means a new job for me and a promotion for my husband this year. That would be really, really wonderful. So, here’s hoping to a new year full of new beginnings for us and a happy new year to you and yours.

Fall approaching :)

For lots of people the fall of the year is there favorite time of the year because of football (yuck) or Halloween. But, for me fall means bonfire time. I love to sit around the fire smelling the aroma of the wood burning and watching the fire dance, and the embers glow. Listening to it crackle and pop. Hearing my kids laugh and play as they roast there marshmallows. And enjoy the sticky gooey mess.

Another reason that I enjoy fall is that it’s almost Thanksgiving. Yep! That’s what I said it’s getting closer to Turkey Day!!! The beloved meal that I long for all year long!!


Thanksgiving is a meal that I work hard on and make sure that I enjoy it to the fullest extent. And I mean fullest. While everyone has there reason to love this season. This is why I enjoy fall.

I’m back


      This sign would be fitting for my house lol! We have had a summer that has flown by and once again school has started back and all the after school activities that follows. I have had so, much I could have and may still write about but, never the time to do it. There has been so many funny bloopers this summer. Kids say some of the craziest things you wonder where they come up with it. Hope fully things won’t be so hectic during football season.  Yeah, right who am I fooling. I will be running around acting looney. Looking like this guy. Until next time…..  


Father’s Day 

      Well Father’s Day is coming, we have our presents wrapped the kids are excited. I’m probably more excited than the kids lol! I love buying presents for my hubby. And he loves being surprised. He usually guesses the gifts but, here lately I have had him fooled. This weekend we also, have a family and friends kayaking trip planned if the weather is good. I just hope he has a good time. I love to see a smile on his face. He is the best father and husband in the world. 

     Happy Father’s Day to my husband and to all the great father’s of the world. I hope you have a great wonderful day!

…18 days….

Wow!…it’s been a while since I have last wrote. The school year has almost come to an end.  Vacation is peaking around the corner, 18 days and counting. Days of fun in the sun, reading my books, and playing on the beach. Wonderful food and no worries. I just can’t wait. Longing to walk on the beach in the evening with my hubby it’s going to be great!