The phone call…

On Saturday my children and I played out side and had a little fire out back. We had invited my brother and his family over and we cooked out for dinner. Well my niece decided she wanted 2 of the kids to spend the night with her and they wanted to so I let them go. Well, about 45 minutes later I am on the phone with my husband who is getting off of work and my daughter called in. I tell my husband to hold on a second so that I can answer her call. When I got on the line she was squalling and yelling “MOM HE FELL OUT OF THE TREE AND HE IS NOT BREATHING!”  My heart literally stopped!!! She was some how disconnected and my husband was back on the line and I tell him he starts yelling “TELL THEM TO CALL 911”. I hang up the phone and try to get my daughter back on the line. As I do that I’m running through the house telling my other daughter that her brother is not breathing and I had to go.

She went down stairs to get ready and I just left her because she is old enough to take care of herself. When I got my other daughter back on the line she said that an ambulance was on the way and he was breathing again. There was some relief as I’m flying down the road with my flashers on going 85 mph. My son is 9 and my daughter is 12 and all I could think about was how fast I could get to them since they were 20 minutes away. I laid my hand on the horn like a mad woman and some how managed to call my husband back to let him know that our son was going to the hospital which was 2 counties away from his work.

With in 10 minutes I made it to my brother’s house as the paramedics were about to load him in the ambulance. I rode with him to the hospital still scared out of my mind. He was breathing and alert so I was also relieved.

He had fallen out of a tree. He was about 6 ft off the ground and the branch he was climbing on broke. When he landed it was on his back, then he got up tripped and face planted on a root. When my brother turned him over he inhaled deeply then quit breathing altogether so, he had to perform CPR on him.

When we got to the hospital he had an MRI on his neck and head and was given the all clear. I was one relieved parent but, I was still shaking. I can still hear my daughter’s words “HE’S NOT BREATHING” 4 days later. I was really scared but, my son is happy that mommy and daddy was there with him. He even wanted us to take a picture of him.


That was our weekend…I Love My Family and am so glad everyone is home and safe with me now!


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