Tempest in a Tutu

Be Less Amazing

Today’s dose of internet ridiculous comes to us courtesy of SELF Magazine, which decided that making fun of a cancer survivor was a legit strategy for selling magazines and otherwise promoting their brand.

Yep. According to NBC San Diego, Monika Allen, the owner and founder of Glam Runner, was invited to contribute a photo of herself running the L.A. Marathon in a Wonder Woman tutu to SELF. Allen happily complied, most likely thinking she was going to get some exposure for her product and brand. She had no idea that SELF was going to turn around and use the photo in a feature they call “The BS Meter,” which calls women out on whatever trivial, arbitrary thing they’re doing that the staff of SELF think are “lame.” Which is what they called Allen and her homemade, Wonder Woman tutu.

Photograph by Derek Burke, courtesy of Glam Runner, all rights reserved to same. Click through to read article in NY Daily News. Photograph by Derek Burke, courtesy of Glam…

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