They grow way to fast….

     Time has flown by, in May two of my children will be graduating the 8th grade. They will be preparing for high school over the summer. We have already signed them up for their high school classes. At the school’s they go to they are in the gifted program so, we had to do high school schedules early. One of them already takes classes that counts toward his GPA. They thought they would have a fun summer but, doing that program they will have homework during the summer. I told them to think positive. During the summer they often complain of boredom so that will be something for them to do.

      They are already used to reading during the summer anyway for the summer homework anyway. One has big plans he wants to go to Washington during the summer, the other wants to go to Panama, City like we usually do for summer vacation but we told them we plan on staying in town some this summer and working around the house. But, anyway they don’t really realize how little time there is for Daddy and Mommy in the summer. We both work I work Monday-Friday and my husband works rotating days. My husband already has planned to take them kayaking on his off days (they love doing that).

     I want them to have fun this summer, because I think next year will be busy for them. School starts early around here 1st Day of August. To me time has flown by I would have never thought my kids would already be starting high school. They have grown up way too soon…..



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