Where did my day go?

Well, I got up made some lunches for my children and got them on the school bus. That’s part of our daily schedule. Then I went to work today and it was a little steady with our clients. I enjoy my job for the most part knowing I get to help people in the community with food and clothes. Part of my job is “Doing The Most Good”. Then when it’s a busy like today time flies I had to pick up my rugrats from school and see how they enjoyed their day.

Sometimes, they have some silly stores to tell, and sometimes they just want to get home and get a snack like this afternoon. Today though I had to get home and take my hubby to the local immediate care because he was under the weather. Sure enough he has an upper respiratory infection yuck! We came home and made breakfast for dinner.

Needless to say not a lazy day! Right now I’m trying to unwind and relax at 9:40 p.m. So, I can get ready to start over again tomorrow. I would not trade it for anything. Just sometimes you wonder where your day or your week went and what you did with it. Then you realize oh yeah, that’s what happened.


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